Found Footage Horror (2021)

While witnessing a horrific paranormal occurrence inside an abandoned church, a military commando led by a ruthless colonel, discovers a digital tablet with video footage on it: co-workers filming their trip in the woods, connecting the hikers in the footage with the unbound evil inside the church.



Starring: Raquel Montes, Morad Azzaaoui, Pat Wind, Marijana Zelic, Mona Gante, Alessio Medas, Costas Mandylor, Hubertus Geller, Imer Tairi Lacky Gv, Samijel Akdil, Florian Dankbar …

Directed by: Vjekoslav Katusin


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Unbound Evil Poster
Unbound Evil Poster


World Premiere at the “Filmtheater Sendiger Tor” in Munich, on February 22, 2022

All pictures by Anna Koszescha Photography


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